Your logo is too important to be simply slapped together. It is your audience’s very first impression of your business, so you need your logo to not only be the perfect imagery that reflects your business or organization, but you also need it to present perfectly. Because a logo needs to be used in so many various ways, its design is critical to its success and putting in the effort to make it great is well worth it! Want to have a logo B-R-A-I-N? Consider these points that EVERY logo should boast…


  • The logo is part of the full branding, so consideration must be given to existing branding that is working and how it should best be complimented.
  • Dreamleaf Design also creates a Branding Style Package to guide use of the logo and to show other in-house employees and future designers how the logo is intended to be consistently used and applied (fonts, formats, layouts, colors, etc.).


  • A logo needs to be readable and clear both up-close and from long distances, at small sizes and large ones. It needs to work on tiny business cards and large displays, because as your business grows, you never know what other creative marketing materials you may eventually need!
  • Besides designing the logo so it will appeal at different sizes, Dreamleaf Design creates the logo in a vector format, which means that the logo can be shrunk or enlarged to any size without compromising image quality.


  • A logo needs to look great no matter how it is applied. It needs to look great digitally, in print, and also with other applications in mind, like embroidering or cut-outs, for example.
  • It must look great in color, but also in black and white, so it looks sharp and clear whether it’s going on a 1-color sign, a full color brochure, or a gray newspaper ad! It also needs to be able to stand alone on different background colors.
  • Dreamleaf Design hands the logo over to you in various file formats so you can conveniently apply it any time you need it.


  • A logo is each visitor’s/customer’s first impression, so it must portray your business or organization well and send an immediate, clear message. An unprofessional logo suggests an unprofessional service or product;  It’s important to take advantage of marketing and design skills, so the logo never calls your professionalism or credibility into question.
  • The logo needs to be able to visually “run with the competition,” but it must also stand out from the competition in a compelling and professional way.


  • A logo is not only a first impression, but it is also the flash image that will be left on your audience’s mind when they’ve stepped away. When they recall you or your business, that logo and the impression it made will still be affecting their judgment of your services or product.
  • It may be that the recalled visual of your logo is what helps them remember your business’ name clearly when it may have otherwise been forgotten.




The Logo Development Process

Interested in having Dreamleaf Design come on board and help with your logo? We’d love to discuss it with you. Dreamleaf Design’s process for developing a logo is to consult with you, then give an estimate, and if you are interested, then the process can begin:


  • Contract agreed upon and signed
  • First payment made by client
  • Discussion and understanding of the industry, audience, marketing, and goals of the business


  • Creating potential logos as a starting point, which the client will critique and discuss
  • Re-working designs and creating new ones based on the client’s previous feedback
  • Developing a favorite design and fine-tuning that design


  • Additional development of the logo with colors, black and white, different layouts of the elements, etc.
  • Creating the final logo in its various file formats for the client’s use.
  • Putting together the Branding Style Package to guide future use of the logo and related design elements.

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