ESTIMATES  |  “Are estimates free?”
Yes! An initial free consultation will give us the opportunity to discuss your project or marketing needs in more detail. Then an estimate will be created based on that information. Because some costs fluctuate and there is often a waiting list of clients and projects, an estimate expires after 90 days. At that point, if the client is still interested, Dreamleaf will re-visit the estimate and make changes if needed. The new estimate will re-prioritize the project.


LOCATION |  “I don’t live near you. Is that a problem?”
Not at all. Dreamleaf Design has worked long-distance with clients from many states for many years, and communication by email and phone has always worked efficiently and to both parties’ satisfaction.


JOB SIZE  |  “All I need is a small marketing piece. Do you handle small jobs?”
You bet! Need a business card? Need a newspaper ad? Maybe you just want a Facebook cover photo or invitations! No matter how small or large, we work with you according to the project at hand.


OLD & NEW  |  “I already have a logo I am happy with. Can you create new marketing pieces using my old logo?”
We will use your current logo and any existing branding that is already working for you, and apply it to new projects/pieces. If you like your current logo, but feel that it needs updating, we can help with that, too.


PRINTER  |  “Do I need to find and work with a printer or does Dreamleaf Design do that as part of the project?”
Dreamleaf Design has quality printers we like and work with, but we are also happy to work with a printer you have selected. Working with professional printers is an important part of our job, and understanding what the printer can offer you and what he needs from us is critical to turning out a great product. Once the design has been approved by you and finalized, our time goes into working with the printer to make sure your final product is just right. We become busy getting files ready, meeting specifications, communicating, selecting, proofing, etc.


WEBSITES  |  “Do you design websites or develop them?”
Both! From concept to launch, we create and build your website every step of the way. We handle the design, which includes integrating your business’ branding, and we handle the backend functionality that allows the site to perform impressively and effectively, and we connect your site with any outside services that may be needed (domain, hosting, e-commerce, storage, etc.) We also maintain and keep your site updated following launch. > view some websites we have designed and developed


SERVICES  |  “Do your services apply to individuals, as well businesses?”
You bet! Our services are great for businesses, organizations, events, and individuals. There are many ways graphic design can be used for individuals and personal interests. Invitations, announcements, trading cards, event flyers, and so much more. Tell us about what you need, and we will let you know!


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