We use design to create consistent branding throughout your marketing pieces. Using the same logo, colors, fonts, even spacing of text, paper choices, layouts, all contribute to branding, and building a look that your audience recognizes as YOU. Branding can be a project unto itself. But consistent branding drives every project. If you have established branding, but want it to change, we can make recommendations as to how that transition may be made without losing or confusing the audience.

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Our websites are designed to follow your branding, look professional, function intuitively, meet criteria of search engines, and respond to the size of your visitor’s screen for an impressive and credible look that your audience will appreciate.

> The Website Building Process

Ready to promote your business through business cards, stationery, brochures, handouts, banners… We are ready, too! We have a close relationship with our printers, and we love getting your promotional materials from a design and marketing concept to a terrific product in your hands that not only deserves attention but feels professional, too.

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There are so many ways to advertise. Social media, publications, billboard, poster, mailer… We design your ad or ad campaign to the necessary specifications and pack your ad with punch for a big visual impact to attract your audience.


Images are the best way to grab audience attention, and they also hold the power to either show off your business or to hurt it. That’s why we offer not only original photography, but we also have outside professional photography sources. And we also work photo magic to turn less than ideal photos into something to be proud of.

> Examples of Kimberly’s photography

We love editing, and we also enjoy writing from scratch. Writing for the purpose of marketing is unique, because besides correct grammar, there is a lot of human psychology that goes into choosing the best wording and even making choices over fonts, sizes, colors, and layout. We put great thought into any writing that goes into any of our projects, and we make recommendations to improve existing text given by us by our clients.

When creating a logo, we first consider the message of your business and the image you want to portray. Then we add to it our knowledge of what makes a great logo – scalability, one-color adaptability, readability. And don’t forget great design and appeal, of course. Already have a logo? We can “professionalize” or “update” your current logo. If you are happy with your current logo, we will apply it to your marketing pieces and integrate it with your branding.

> Creating a Successful Logo

Packaging, presentation, key cards, apparel, and the list goes on. If there’s a particular thing you need, just ask. We may be able to deliver it!


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