Dreamleaf Design has worked long-distance with clients from many states for many years, and communication by email and phone has always worked efficiently and to both parties’ satisfaction. If you are located near us, we can meet in person, as well, if desired.


Let’s find out if we are a good fit! We will discuss your project and goals, and I will gather information so I can present you with an estimate. If you would like to proceed, Dreamleaf Design will begin working on your project as the timeline allows and you will be updated along the way to let you know how the project is progressing, share needed info, and ask and answer questions. When the project is ready for print/production/circulation, you will give it a final approval first.


Because some costs fluctuate and there is often a waiting list of clients and projects, an estimate expires after 90 days. At that point, if the client is still interested, Dreamleaf will re-visit the estimate and make changes if needed. The new estimate will re-prioritize the project.


At times, Dreamleaf Design bills by the hour, but in most cases, an estimated amount is drawn up for the entire project prior to work beginning. An estimate is based on our expectations of how long a particular project will take and other expenses or services involved. A reasonable amount of consultation time and changes/edits are also built into the project total. If the client makes more changes than is typical/expected, you will be notified that time/expenses are going over, and those extra hours will be billed in addition to the estimated amount.


Depending on the type of project, payment (most clients pay by check) may be due at the time of project completion, or it may be due in parts with a portion due up front. This will be determined after the estimate has been reviewed and based on the type of project. Websites are set up for half of the full amount to be paid before work begins, and the second half to be paid upon completion. The site will be removed if payment is not made.


Need to cancel the project? Payment will be required for any work done up to that point. If the project (or part of the project) was paid in advance, the unused amount after any third party services have been paid will be refunded.


The timeline of your project will depend on the type of project and also on time availability in the Dreamleaf Design client schedule. Staying on schedule requires all of us working together to stay on track through communication and sharing of information. Need a project expedited? Dreamleaf Design does its best to schedule clients responsibly and fairly. In fairness to previously scheduled projects for other clients and in an effort to provide the accelerated timeline you desire, when a project is needed earlier than the Dreamleaf work schedule allows, the project may be given a higher priority and expedited at an overtime charge of 50%.


At times, third party services are required (printers, platforms, hosting, specific website functionality, etc.). In many cases, the client pays the service provider directly. Therefore, Dreamleaf Design does not mark up these services by a percentage, and the client does not pay a markup fee. However, time spent working (communicating, altering, proofing, setting up accounts, etc.) with a service provider as particular projects may require is billed. Essentially, the client pays for the time and knowledge Dreamleaf Design puts in, not a percentage markup fee.


All work done by Dreamleaf Design is property of Dreamleaf Design and may be used for promotion or for any other reason. Dreamleaf Design also understands and honors that the project belongs to the client, and while original artwork files will not be shared (This is to protect the creative product that is the business and the brand of Dreamleaf Design and to protect and preserve the quality of the client’s product.), the finished product is yours and may be used as you see fit. Regarding a website, should the client determine that he would like to change administration of his website, we will facilitate a smooth technical transfer and provide all logins and passwords for the site, hosting, and URLs to enable full access to the website and all current posted files on current server. No additional files, codes, or functions will be provided. At the point when another party enters the website server and/or any associated accounts, Dreamleaf Design is no longer responsible for any part of the website, its functions or associated systems.

Dreamleaf Design