All kids age 5 thru 15, this contest is for you! Think about what Christmas means to you, and put it on paper! You may use any medium (pencils, paint, pastels, ink, etc.) or combination of mediums to create your Christmas artwork. Size of paper isn’t important, but you may want to consider making it on a size that you will want to frame and keep! Parents, send a quality photo or scanned image to kimberly *at* by December 15. Make sure to include your child’s name, age, city, and state either on the artwork itself or in the email so they will get credit for what they have created!

All entries will be displayed on the Dreamleaf Design website. A winner will be selected from a panel of judges including Creative Professionals and Art Teachers from different locations around the country. Judges will be looking for artistic technique and creativity and especially for heart! The winner will receive a new set of art supplies mailed to their door.



  1. Create your artwork about what Christmas means to you.
  2. Take a quality photo or scan of the artwork and email it by Dec 15.
  3. You will be notified by email when your artwork has been posted at
  4. You will be notified by email when the winner has been selected by our judges. Maybe the winner will be you!

Meet the Judges

Anthony Heflin, Professional Photographer (in Kentucky) | Visit Anthony Heflin Photography

Cindy Henderson, Graphic Artist & Designer (in Montana)

Tamara Hough, High School Art Teacher & recognized Artist (in West Virginia)

Conney Hyatt, Painter & Illustrator (in Florida)

Matt Young, Majoring in Graphic Design (in North Carolina)


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